They solicit people on false premises of a good paying Business Development executive, which immediately becomes an entry level door to door sales *** with sky high unrealistic goals pushing the Glacial product.

The goal is to Bait potential commercial and very small businesses with little knowledge of the true intentions /offering lower electric & gas pricing per( KWH) by conning the people in to giving a copy of their utility bill to provide a cost analysis and save thousnds on their yearly cost.

However the real goal is to lure the customer into thinking their getting lower fixed rates, but in reality its a flex or index rate which could cause the bill to sky rocket without notice.

Many previous customers and 3rd party electric supplier brokers have already figured out the scheme and are making many other customers aware of the bait & switch.

The enty level sales *** usually take the fall and get thrown on the street and Glacial slides another sales *** into the picture to do the same thing. Always check with the Better Business Bureau and other sources first SCAM

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #792731

Agree! I was told that I cannot change until at least 6 weeks, so I either have to sign a 3 month fixed rate with them or have another astronomically high bill.

I really don't want to sign a contract for a fixed rate with a company that has ripped us off!

Do you know if there is a way around this? Our bill went up over 300%!

Walled Lake, Michigan, United States #789149

You summed it up. I worked for this company in Michigan in yr 2010.

I was let go after three weeks (along with two other employees) when I was supposed to have 3 months to establish sales quotas. This company has unrealistic expectations, very deceiving, and unfair business practices.

Stay away!!!

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