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My name is Jason Jones. I have been utilizing Glacial Gas now since the beginning of November 2012, a young Lady stopped by my house I believe her name was Nicole. She was dressed in a suit, extremely professional and was very understanding how important my time is. I currently Reside in Piedmont CA 94611, and i own 7 additional properties in the SF bay area all of which PG&E is under my name except for my property in Palo Alto CA. Three months ago i switched all of my other 6 property's to Glacial Energy to be my Gas Supplier because I've documented each PG&E bill since November and every single Month Glacial's Wholesale procurement cost, Has been Significantly less than PG&E's Procurement cost for gas. It's all on the same PG&E bill. I cant believe all of You are saying Glacial is a scam or a MLM scam, Obviously non of You have taken advantage to the savings on your gas. As far as I've seen Glacial is the only Professional Deregulation company in CA, all of the other CTA agents with other companies look like they just got their first job strait out of West Oakland. I Recommend Glacial to everyone whom qualifies. Their is no risk, because their is no Contract. STOP Whining and Complaining and Making Statements to which you know not what you speak of,

Thank you

J. Jones

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The comments by people claiming savings must be from the glacial company itself. With the $5 or more charge from them there is no way their charges can be lower.

I have been scammed into getting the contract and in none of the 24 months their rates were lower than PG&E. Don't forget the fact also that if you use 50 units that comes to about 10 cents per unit for the Glacial administrative charge as well. What I was told was the delivery charge will be about $5 or $6 and that's it. But now I know there is delivery charge from PG&E anyway.

In recent months I paid $35 to $45 extra each month compared to what I would have paid with PG&E directly.

Those claim to have saved provide the rates and the Glacial charge v/s the PG&E Credit.

Mine all 24 months the Glacial charge was double than what PG&E credited. Lost about $600 to the scam.


*This company markets its self as a wholesale provider of electric. That sells you electric cheaper than the local utility company.

They claim that they can do this because they buy in bulk.

*I have had this comnpany as my electric provider for 5 years now.

*They have been scamming me for years and I never noticed. Then in Janurary of 2014 they got really greedy and thats when I noticed.

*They raised there rates more than 3 times the local utility company.

The local Utility company is chargeing 8 cents a kilowatt in RI. Glasier is charging 28 cents a kilowatt. This is a very dishonest company as far as I'm concerned. In one month my electric bill more than tripled per kilowatt.

They do this without any warning. They figure that know one reads there bills and there probally right.

Unitl your electric bill goes from around 300.00 a month to 1000.00 a month. Then you take notice.


I don't believe for one minute a "happy customer" wrote this. More like a shill letter from an employee, trying to do damage control.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #792730

Yes, the rates are good for a while, but just wait! Any company that would raise the electricity rate over 300% in one month with no notice is not a company you want to be doing business with!! Beware!

Newark, New Jersey, United States #741292

Don't know about CA, but in NJ there *is* a 12-month contract, with a $75 fee for cancelling during that time. You get 7 days from the *postmark* on the info they send you to opt out.

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