They come to your door,saying to be with PG&E and that they just want to see if your eligible for a savings on your gas, and tell you yes, that your bills will still be coming from PG&E, but that they go through them, so they ask you for your bill to look at, then they say you need to answer yes to all the questions asked when he calls a number and then they call you. Then while answering their questions, they say they want to do a credit check, but I said no to that, so they say it's o.k.

without it, and then they ask the questions again, at the end they say you have 3 days to cancel and give you a bogess number, same number on their website, www.glacialenergy.com. At the end he just tries to give me his name and number, if any questions, so I asked him for the other number to be able to cancel, and he wrote it down. Then I decide to check further into them and decided to cancel the same day, and the number just beep beep beeps, so I call him and tell him, I want to cancel and why that number doesn't work, he said cause it was the weekend, which I still didn't believe,I told him I wanted to cancel, and he said call that number tomorrow, I said what if I don't get through? he said then call him.

So I then call on Mon. and again didn't work, so I call his number he answers but doesn't say anything, so I call back and his answering machine says it's full. Yeahhhh full of ***. Bad company policy...

Do not get scammed into changing over to them, cause obviously you can't cancel if you want, But do call PG&E and let them know the situation.

Plus I see they have quite a few complaints of lying and scaming people and now one more. Hope they get found out, and stopped.

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Sacramento, California, United States #786240

Fyi who ever has been burned by james linder he worlks at glacier.

Berkeley, California, United States #696637

So what are you complaining about exactly? I don't see any evidence that this sales rep was dishonest or unprofessional, it just sounds to me like you didn't understand how the service works and were too incompetent to figure out how to cancel when you got cold feet.

I have been using Glacials service for 7 months now and have saved an average of 15% on my gas bill.

Piedmont, California, United States #683735

This Is Jason, I currently reside in Piedmont CA. Glacial is a great company.

I've done my research and have been utilizing the savings now for almost an entire year at 7 of my properties in the bay area. What you speak of is incorrect.

Thank you

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