What a scam. They are probably going to close there doors now that they have taking all this money from consumers.

My bill averaged .09 cents/kwh before the rate went double digit. Last bill was almost .14 cents/kwh, wonder what the average is now.

Stay away, far far away.

Promises promises.

You know when your mother said, "if something is too good to be true it probably is".

Do your homework. There are plenty of energy companies looking for your business and offer great fixed rates, all better than PPL. Something you can count on and budget with your business.

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I strongly disagree. Glacial is not a scam.

People just like to complain that's why there's a website for all of you to come to ! :grin


I was there when donald ray bernard slickly mis apropriate another companys 500,000 to start glacial energy, Glacial consists of Gary mole, please just google his name no more need be said, Donald ray bernard who was dis bared in texas for stealing funds from an elderly client, and convicted by the state of texas, his next scams were Wulf international, prosecuted By Jeff Tomas of the US SEC denver office for selling stock on false claims, The third is peter koek an alchohal soaked looser with money who bernard conned into investing just before he was deport after facing weapons and drug charges. I keep files on these clowns and would gladly forward them to your state Attorny general or SEC prosecutor. just write felixthecat222@yahoo.com


Glacial is 100% a scam. First off they’re banks are located in the Virgin Islands (off shore). They require ACH payments which means that REQUIRE access to your bank accounts for payments. There is a real index and a glacial (fake) index. The real index is where glacial buys their power and the glaicial index is their made up price they sell the power to their unfortunate customers. That spread is where they make their money. They tell their reps that they are only making 3 mils but in reality they are making two or three pennys per kWh because they charge the customer the highest rate possible for all 24 hours of the day. As you know the index is an hourly product, so again, Glacial will charge their customers the highest hourly price for that day ALL 24 hours.

Glacial is also what is know as a ponzi scheme and we all know that ponzi schemes eventually blow up. The reason Glacial is a ponzi scheme is because they have to charge a price higher than the actual index price to make money. If they actual index price blows up to 15 cents, then glacial will have to charge 18 – 20 cents in order to make money. Rest assure, the real index will one day blow up. If a customer then goes from paying 7 cents to 20 cents the next month they will call the bank and suspend the ACH. When this occurs it will occur for all customers at the same time. If all customers then cancel with glacial at the same time then glacial will be left holding the bag on millions and millions of dollars of power that they will essentially have a margin call on from the ISO. If there is no accounts receivable for that month they they will go belly up that fast. It will only take ONE bad month on the index for glacial to go BK!

Again, if you do not financially hedge and fix your rate then there is a tremendous amount of risk on both the customer and the supplier. Just ask Franklin Energy (now out of business). This is the reason why Glacial requires ACH. because without it, if their customers ever decided to not pay, they would be left holding the bag on millions and millions of dollars worth of power. With the ACH they can just take what they want at any time. They turn their customers into theyre own personal piggie banks

so again, in my professional opinion, glacial is 100% a scam.

They own ZERO generation! they do ZERO hedging. You think the risk of an index blow up is on their shoulders? heck NO! its on the customers.

Let me repeat: You think the risk of an index blow up is on their shoulders? heck NO! its on the customers.

Oh and if you work for Glacial guess what. They lie to you to. They make 2 or 3 penny's per kWh per deal not 3 mils.

Good Luck!


Glacial Energy does not sell to "consumers." They only sell to businesses. If this "fact" is incorrect in your complaint, what else is wrong?

Besides the fact that you have no idea how to use spell check. Do you really know how to read an electric bill? Were the rates you refer to for "supply" only?

Or for "transportation"? Or for both?

Glacial only takes over "supply." So if you've mixed in any other numbers with your alleged rate, your complaint is totally invalid.

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